January 28, 2020

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YouTube marketing can be a minefield for small business owners, especially as there is just so much information (and misinformation) available on the subject everywhere you look online.

To help you make sense of how to use YouTube to successfully promote your online business, we've hand-picked some of the best video marketing resources to help you learn the tips that work so you don't waste your time.

This carefully curated list will enable you to get the most out of your YouTube marketing budget, whilst also avoiding many of the pitfalls that I've personally experienced with online video creation and promotion techniques (not least having the confidence to present in front of camera!)...

Backlinko’s YouTube Marketing Hub

Backlinko’s YouTube Marketing Hub gives us a comprehensive guide, and it’s well-organised for easy navigation. The five sequential sections (create your channel, create your video, optimise, grow and monetise) each has its own menu of at least four resources. Click on these for wise advice and helpful examples.

Backlinko’s founder Brian Dean is a well-respected SEO guru, so naturally, this resource is strong on optimising your YouTube content. Great use of screen grabs and examples makes this a clear and user-friendly how-to guide when optimising your videos. The resources on Growing Your Channel are an especially valuable read – if you’re not there yet, bookmark this section for later.

YouTube Marketing By Hubspot

Hubspot’s characteristic chatty style makes this resource a pleasure to follow. Hubspot’s YouTube Marketing Guide starts right at the very beginning, by setting up the Google account you need before you can create your YouTube channel. There are no assumptions of pre-existing knowledge, making this a great resource for those wanting a step-by-step guide right from the first step.

The resource also delves deeper into the world of YouTube marketing, for example the section on the range of content found on YouTube, broken down into broad types (such as demos, thought leader pieces and event videos).

Hootsuite’s Complete Guide To YouTube Marketing In 2019

Social media management platform Hootsuite has an easy-to-follow, ten-step guide to marketing on YouTube. They take you through setting up your channel, researching your audience, and using the channel to advertise.

This article is particularly helpful on how to make the most of YouTube’s Analytics feature. As well as essential intel such as viewer numbers and view time, Analytics gives you valuable insight into your audience’s demographic. This lets you know in cold, hard stats whether out of YouTube’s billion users, you’re reaching the right ones.

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Neil Patel, The Marketer’s Guide To YouTube

One of the great things about Neil Patel’s guides is the level of detail. The Marketer’s Guide to YouTube takes you through everything you need to know when launching your channel.

This very readable guide emphasises the importance of SEO and the written word: YouTube success isn’t just about uploading an engaging film. Titles, descriptions, captions, tags and CTAs are all covered. Neil uses his YouTube channel as an example, which makes the instructions and tips extra clear - so make time to watch his how-to videos.

The Beginner’s Guide To YouTube Marketing For Small Businesses By Wordstream

Wordstream’s blog about YouTube marketing was written by social media influencer Lilach Bullock. Unlike most how-to guides, her article devotes time upfront to discussing why you should use YouTube as well as how to use it. She looks into the planning and thought processes involved before you leap in to starting your channel.

This is a good read, and an excellent starting place if you’re thinking about YouTube but haven’t actually started anything yet. And she suggests using the SMART model to plan your strategy – a sensible and welcome return to the marketing classroom for many of us.

YouTube Creator Academy

YouTube’s very own resource, Creator Academy, really should be strong on marketing tips for its own platform, and happily, it is. It offers a series of short video courses, divided into lessons. The menu tells you how many lessons each topic has, and roughly how long it takes to complete the topic.

The topics vary, from beginner’s courses (“The Quickstart Guide to YouTube”) to specialist areas (“Building an Educational Channel on YouTube” and “Unlock Your Gaming Channel”). There’s lots of guidance on shooting a video as well as plenty of tips on making money from your channel. There’s also a short course on avoiding YouTube burnout… Those of us who love exams and certificates will like this: you sit a test at the end of each topic, and if you get 75% plus, you’ll get a letter of completion from YouTube.

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The Ultimate YouTube Marketing Guide From Thinkific

Don’t be put off by the “55 minute read” stamp at the top of Thinkific’s video marketing guide: it’s definitely worth investing your time in this one. The how-to guide is broken up with plenty of examples, as well as advice and comments from experts and successful YouTubers.

If you don’t have 55 minutes, at least read the section about choosing and researching the topic for your video. Author Tyler Basu goes into useful (and enjoyable) detail about focussing in on a subject (by engaging with real humans as well as desktop research) then looking at the keywords you’ll need to make it work.

Single Grain’s Ultimate Guide To YouTube Advertising In 2019

Digital marketing agency Single Grain’s guide to YouTube covers all the steps you need to set up and run with your new channel. This is a very clear guide, especially when it comes to explaining the different types of ads that you find on YouTube.

Further down the line, we also like their more advanced tips on improving your ads. There are two short films on this subject, which are definitely worth checking out. There’s no waffle here: if you want a guide that manages to be comprehensive and concise, try Single Grain.

NG Data’s YouTube Video Marketing Tips Compilation

NG data’s YouTube guide promises 50 Expert Tips. These are given in short, snackable sections, meaning you can easily dip in and out. The content is split into audience targeting, marketing strategy and leverage tips, so you won’t get lost in the midst of all these suggestions and soundbites.

There are some real pearls of wisdom here, and we’ll leave you to choose your own most relevant tips. However, what does stand out here is the emphasis on the human side of YouTube: how to engage with your audience, and the importance of making videos with a human connection. This is no dry collection of algorithm-busting tips. NG Data's guide is the equivalent of the smart and glossy coffee table book of learning about YouTube.


YouTube marketing for your small business can be a minefield of misinformation and bad advice - so I hope these quality hand-picked resources will help you see the wood for trees to become more successful with your video marketing in future.

If you've got any other favourite resources that you'd like to mention, let us know in the comments below...

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