Last updated: November 28, 2017 by Loz James

As we continue our SEO Essentials series, we’re ​discussing how the speed of your website plays a crucial role in your conversion rates, so much so that this one issue alone can make or break your online business.

​Our Head of SEO at Content Champion, Tom Peary, joins me again on this episode to explain why site speed is so important - and how a slow site can drive away potential customers ​and kill your conversions, even when your ​organic traffic is doing well. ​​

​In this quickfire ​show we also discuss what load impact is, how technical SEO and hosting factors can ​influence the speed of your website, and how you can improve your site speed on WordPress with the various plugins ​available.


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Show Notes

  • The first thing to look at regarding site speed 

  • How to see an improvement in your conversions 

  • The relationship between site speed and conversion rates 

  • What Google will do if your site has been running consistently slowly 

  • Why you should take load impact into consideration  

  • The relationship between load impact and your server 

  • Why you should choose your hosting carefully 

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