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Welcome to the 67th edition of the Content Champion Podcast. On the show this time, I’m delighted to be speaking with SEO and productivity expert, Doug Cunnington, of Niche Site Project - about how to get traffic to your niche sites without building backlinks.

With Amazon recently slashing affiliate payouts in certain product categories, how much it costs you to drive targeted traffic to your sites has never been more important, so I was keen to dig down into Doug’s extensive knowledge for this episode. Let's dive in...

How To Get rankings & traffic without backlinks with doug cunnington

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Show Notes

  • Hear Doug’s story of how he got into digital marketing and more about his love of beer
  • How Doug became a national level beer judge in the Beer Judge Certification Program
  • What the keyword golden ratio is and how it helps identify amazing keywords
  • The blend of content Doug uses, whether pillar pieces or volume articles
  • The process of what it looks like to build a team to scale out your website
  • Why having a content manager is key to organizing your team of writers
  • Learn why Doug uses spreadsheets instead of a content management tool
  • Discover Doug’s two-step process of blog commenting and guest blogging
  • Plus! The PS Question! Doug shares an advanced content marketing tactic you can use right after this episode!

[Podcast] How To Get Rankings & Traffic Without Backlinks With Doug Cunnington #seo

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Adnams Brewery Southwold, UK

Adnams Brewery Southwold, UK. Credit

Cheers from the UK

Cheers Doug!

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