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    Welcome to episode 44 of the Content Champion podcast, and boy do I have something special for you this time, as my guest is none other than high profile online entrepreneur and founder of my favourite web host, Terry Kyle of WPX Hosting (formerly Traffic Planet Hosting).

    WPX Hosting

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    Creator of a number of successful products, including Traffic Planet, Email Marketing Academy and SEO Traffic Hacks - it's Terry's excellent hosting service which is the subject of today's show.

    I switched to WPX Hosting from Bluehost at the end of 2014 and haven't looked back - and after a seamless migration of my site onto their servers - I was set up and ready to go with a visibly faster web presence.

    In this fascinating 35 minute show, I ask Terry to explain the various key features of this market-leading hosting service, and how it can help speed up and secure our sites - and to add even more value I also tap into Terry's knowledge of all things SEO and IM related.

    In this illuminating show we cover:

  • How Terry got started in online marketing, SEO and the hosting business
  • Why he runs his business from the Bulgarian Capital, Sofia
  • The features of WPX Hosting that set it apart in the marketplace
  • The technical details of Terry's data servers, and how they provide such lighting fast hosting
  • The site backup and rollback service offered by the team at WPX Hosting
  • What tools you will find in the admin area and how to simply manage your sites
  • How Terry's customer service team create a superb customer support experience
  • A roundup of why you should choose WPX Hosting today
  • The details of how Terry's site migration service takes the hassle out of changing hosts
  • Plus! The PS Question! Terry shares not one but two cutting edge SEO techniques that will get you higher rankings!

    Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • WPX Hosting

  • Email Marketing Academy

  • SEO Traffic Hacks

  • Load Impact

  • Matthew Woodward

  • Lightening Source

  • Mod Security

  • Pingdom Tools

  • Majestic

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