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​Welcome to show 21 of the Content Champion podcast. In this episode, I'm discussing content syndication with expert marketer Brian Rice of Business2Community (B2C).

Despite this being only a part-time endeavour, Brian and his business partner have built the B2C audience to over 1 million unique monthly visitors, with a healthy revenue coming from onsite advertising and webinars.

Content Syndication

​What Is Content Syndication?

​Listen to Brian's fascinating interview to find out...

Brian’s unique model of permission based RSS syndication means that everyday he can publish high quality articles from experts across the Web – bringing fresh, valuable content to his community.

An ingenious and creative online entrepreneur, Brian started out by writing all the content for B2C himself, but soon realised there was a more profitable way of running the blog that would add even more value to his now millions of readers – and the process of how this evolved is the fascinating story he shares with us today.

In our 40 minute chat we covered a load of great points, including:

  • Brian’s career history and how he got started online
  • How B2C got started and then evolved into using its current syndication model
  • The technical aspects of setting up a high quality, human edited RSS syndication system
  • How Brian’s approach pleases both human readers and the search engines
  • Why it’s a good idea to blend unique, original content with your syndicated articles
  • How we can use this model to syndicate certain types of content to our sites
  • How he attracts authoritative writers to syndicate their content with B2C
  • The types of content that get the best results in driving traffic to your blog
  • How B2C is monetized and the results of some of these strategies
  • Why on-page conversion optimization is at the heart of his success with B2C
  • How Brian sees this model evolving over the next 12 months
  • What trends Brian sees developing in the content marketing space over the next year

Plus! The PS Question! Brian shares a great ‘content mapping’ strategy with us that you won’t want to miss, so make sure you listen right to the end!

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What is content syndication?