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Hi folks, welcome to the 7th session of the Content Champion Podcast. In this edition I’m very happy to be talking with Lisa Parmley, online entrepreneur and renowned SEO expert.

Lisa Parmley sustainable SEO

Lisa ParmleyLisa was very generous with her time, and we covered a lot of fascinating, valuable information – including:

  • Why keyword research is the cornerstone of your online success
  • How to conduct keyword research and what tools to use
  • Why creating high quality content and helping people is equally important as keyword research
  • What sort of keywords to choose for building high traffic sites
  • How to best optimise the on-page elements of your site
  • Why you should avoid SEO article writers and ‘ranking loopholes’
  • How to build backlinks to your sites the right way
  • Why anchor text links are becoming obsolete
  • Why you should be careful with guest blogging
  • The future of the social web and ‘owning’ your online content

Plus! The PS Question! Lisa gives us the lowdown on a great advanced traffic strategy!

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