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I'm excited to announce that this is the 50th episode of The Content Champion Podcast. So to celebrate this milestone, I'm discussing strategic writing that attracts more traffic, subscribers and sales with special guest Tim Soulo.

Strategic writing with Tim Soulo

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Former professional DJ and master marketer, Tim Soulo is the hugely engaging writer behind BloggerJet and the talented Head of Marketing at Ahrefs. So there's no better authority than Tim to discuss how to write content that really moves the needle on every level.

And believe me folks, Tim shares so much in this show that you really won't want to miss a minute.

For over half an hour, we chat about Tim's backstory, his premise that all content needs to pull its weight on a strategic business level - and we then go on to outline all the proven tactics to create content that gets you more eyeballs on the page, more email subscribers, and (what we all want) - more sales.

Tim is a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker, and was very generous with his time for this episode, so I hope you enjoy learning from his experience as much as I did.

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Show Notes

In this fascinating 40-minute show we cover a lot of ground, including:

    •    How Tim moved from being a club DJ to a professional marketer
    •    Why every article you write should make a visible impact on your business

    •    The traffic-getting checklist:
    •    Finding a proven article idea
    •    Improving upon that idea
    •    Making your article visual
    •    Using copywriting techniques
    •    Featuring influencers
    •    Optimising for Google

    •    The email subscriber-getting checklist:
    •    Using a content upgrade
    •    Convincing your readers to take your content upgrade

    •    The sales-getting checklist:
    •    Identifying the problem
    •    Selling the solution

    •    How to engage with Tim's content and products online

    •    Plus! The PS Question! Tim shares a superb content marketing strategy you won't want to miss...

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Tim Soulo strategic writing


What a great way to mark the 50th show - Tim's advice was superb, and I wholeheartedly recommend you go and download his free 100K course.

As always, if you've got any questions about this episode, let me know in the comments below. Many thanks...