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If you're interested in goal setting for your content marketing - and how to take a refined, strategic approach to your work - then episode 58 of The Content Champion Podcast with content marketing expert Robert Gibb of MaxCDN will be required listening.

A highly skilled copywriter and content strategist, Robert focuses on helping tech startups master content marketing - and has increased MaxCDN's blog traffic by a factor of three, generated 10,000 subscribers in less than 6 months, and made blog readers 2.5 times more likely to become a customer. All this by being more strategic with his content marketing and goal setting.

Strategic Content Marketing With Robert Gibb

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Robert's Backstory

After training as a journalist and creative writer, Robert began freelancing as a copywriter at various agencies, the necessity of having to earn a living getting in the way of him writing the next best selling novel or screenplay.

However, Robert honed his copywriting and content marketing skills, and soon moved sideways into digitally focused marketing work - securing a job with forward-thinking software firm MaxCDN - the successful content delivery network.

Robert Gibb

When Robert joined the MaxCDN team, it's fair to say the content they had produced so far was not delivering the results they needed. So armed with monthly revenue goals and a more strategic approach to creating and promoting high quality content - Robert and his team got to work.

Fast forward two years, and Robert's new approach - what he calls being in 'strategic mode' rather than just regularly pumping out lower quality content - meant that traffic and subscribers on the MaxCDN blog have increased by a factor of five. More importantly, Robert's goal focused strategy also meant he could prove the worth of all the content being published.

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Show Notes

In this fascinating 35-minute show we discuss :

  • Robert's backstory and career history
  • The difference between content strategy & content marketing strategy
  • How to set realistic and meaningful content marketing goals
  • How Robert's content marketing process evolved & why it had to
  • How to gain a better understanding of your core audience
  • The importance of a strategic editorial process
  • How to strategically promote your content
  • How to measure the value of your content
  • What to do if your content is not delivering results
  • The importance of management buy-in for content marketing
  • Why having a great team in place is essential
  • The importance of tech solutions to the content marketing process
  • Understanding the content marketing funnel
  • Defining marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads
  • Where we can find Robert's content online
  • Plus! The PS Question! Robert shares a great content creation and re-purposing tip that I'm going to steal (and you should too)!