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​It's time for session 23 of the Content Champion podcast, and this time round I'm speaking with Stan Smith of Pushing Social.

Stan is a renowned business growth strategist, social media expert and content marketing coach, and uses his experience to help a host of high profile clients grow their online brands.

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Pushing Social was named as a Top 10 social media blog in both 2012 and 2013 – and it’s easy to see why. Stan’s lucid writing style and structured, positive approach to content marketing are just some of the reasons I’m a regular visitor to his blog, while his excellent podcast is required listening.

Stan was very generous with his time for our chat, and in the 40 minutes of our conversation he shared a number of content marketing gems you won’t want to miss. His multi-platform strategy for promoting your blog posts is quite simply a fantastic approach to gaining more readers.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Stan’s backstory and how he got started online
  • The history of his great site Pushing Social
  • Setting out a coherent content marketing strategy
  • How to pick your key metrics and goals for content marketing
  • How to research your audience and target market
  • Planning content that will create the engagement you need
  • What types of content to produce to gain the most interest
  • How to consistently create high volumes of high quality content
  • How long to blog for before you reach critical mass
  • Stan’s multi-platform strategy to promote your blog posts (great stuff!)
  • How to turn readers into consumers of your products and services
  • The best ways to measure the success of your blogging
  • What content marketing trends Stan sees developing over the next 12 months

Plus! The PS Question! Stan shares a great advanced content marketing strategy that every business should be using!

The TI-99, Stan’s first computer. Image credit

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