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‚ÄčIn show number 28 of the Content Champion podcast, I'm thrilled to be talking small business in bound marekting with Steve Sheinkopf, CEO of Yale Appliance in Boston.

Over the last four years, Steve has successfully used business blogging and inbound marketing techniques to grow his revenue by 45%.

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I’ve got so much respect for what Steve has achieved, not least because his results with content marketing prove this can work in any niche. Steve himself points out that he’s selling appliances – which may not at first sight seem interesting enough to blog about – but in capturing his customers’ excitement preceding and at the point of purchase, he’s been able to tap into why people buy from him and build the Yale blog around that.

Central to the resulting content strategy is the creation of buying guides for certain types of products, which are used as calls to action on relevant blog posts. Steve then segments customers into email lists with different interests, and nurtures them based on this to the point of sale (and beyond).

So if you’re a small business or SME owner and you’re wondering if inbound marketing techniques can really work in your sector – you must listen to this podcast.

Topics covered this time include:

  • The backstory of Steve’s business, and what sets Yale apart
  • Steve’s inbound success in terms of visitor numbers and sales
  • What helped to turn his stagnant blog into an inbound powerhouse
  • The difference between blogging and business blogging
  • Understanding your customers and how they buy from you
  • SEO and content creation strategies
  • How Steve promotes his posts (or doesn’t)
  • How Steve uses buying guides to attract leads
  • Why email nurturing is a key part of Yale’s strategy
  • Why any business should be able to use content marketing
  • The reasons why your business must develop an inbound culture
  • Why you’re wasting your money on advertising

Plus! The PS Question! Listen right to the end because Steve’s answer here is just great!

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