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Hello again, welcome to the 14th session of the Content Champion Podcast. This time round I’m talking small business content marketing with inbound and content marketing professional Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion.

Marcus Sherida small business content marketing

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Marcus regularly speaks at big content marketing conferences across the US, and his strategies for effectively leveraging the power of content to build your business are worth their weight in gold.

In this rapid fire half hour, we covered a lot of ground – including:

  • How Marcus got started online
  • Why company-wide buy-in is essential for successful content marketing
  • Using the ‘they ask, you answer’ strategy to drive website traffic
  • How to leverage the power of in-sourcing in your business
  • How to make time for content marketing: the firm that wrote 100 blog posts in 5 hours
  • The dangers of being a content marketing ostrich (or dinosaur) 🙂
  • How to promote your content for the best results
  • Why SEO is your friend and is definitely alive and kicking
  • Why social media is important, but doesn’t work in all industries
  • The ‘big 5’ subjects your audience really cares about (so you should write about)
  • How to reuse blog content to create even more customer engagement
  • How to track and measure your content marketing campaigns
  • How one blog post made Marcus over $2 million
  • Future trends to look out for in content marketing

Plus! The PS Question! Marcus shares an ingenious SEO strategy you won’t want to miss!

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