Conversion-Focused SEO Content

When it comes to content strategy, most businesses and agencies wrongly focus on high-traffic keywords.

Even if these keywords ever rank (which is doubtful as high traffic usually means high competition), they won’t drive more leads, signups, or sales – because the focus is on vanity traffic and not conversions.

Our approach is different…

conversion pyramid

Introducing Inverted SEO, The Content Strategy That Defines Your Value

Using what we call ‘Inverted SEO‘, we flip traditional content strategy on its head to focus first on high-converting topics at the bottom of the funnel – but only after we’ve determined who your ideal customer is and what their exact pain points are.

This means as part of the research stage of our four-step process, we interview your sales team, product experts, and customer service staff to understand the precise problems your target audience is facing, so we can zero in on the right conversion keywords and present your product or service as the solution.

Only when we understand who your ideal customers are, what their pain points are, and what content and conversion keywords will best serve them, do we move onto the writing stage.

We then create detailed, in-depth articles that truly define the value of your products and services, using ‘Inverted SEO Copywriting‘ techniques within the content to convert more leads, signups, and sales from the outset – especially as we also promote your content with paid ads and high-quality link building.

So while your competitors throw together fluff-filled list posts that don’t rank or convert new customers – our comprehensively researched and precisely written content will speak directly to the real needs of your ideal market right at the point when they’re most ready to buy.

4 step process

“I have worked with Loz and his team for ten years and in that time he has always provided me and my clients with high-quality content that has been well-researched and written. He’s straightforward to deal with and also backs up his content marketing experience with proven SEO and email marketing expertise.’

Simon Parkinson, Visible Marketing

Working Together

We’re less expensive than an in-house team and achieve better results than most agencies, so if you want higher rankings and conversions for the keywords that actually drive revenue let’s work together on your content-focused SEO strategy.

Step 1. Content Strategy Consultation

We’ll start by taking a look at your website to see if we can make some improvements using our approach. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll send you a quote and an estimated timeline. Our minimum project fee is typically £800 per standalone article (for stages 1 & 2 of our process), or £8,000 per month (for stages 1 to 4 of our process excluding ad spend). We usually target 30+ conversion keywords over a 12-month period using our Inverted SEO content strategy for ongoing projects.

Once we’ve agreed to work together, we’ll send you a detailed project questionnaire to learn more about your business and unique vision. We’ll also request the contact details of your sales, marketing, and customer service team so we can interview them to inform your pain point, topic, and content research. We’ll then dive into your answers, conduct an in-depth study of your website and target audience, and research your competitors.


Step 2. UVP Interviews & Monthly Content Writing

At this stage, we set up Zoom calls with your sales, marketing, and customer service team to research your ideal customers and their pain points. This information will be used with our wider research to nail down the unique value propositions (UVP) for your products and services.

These UVP Interviews will inform all the pain points we discover, all the content ideas we develop, and all the conversion keyword topics we research. There’s no one better placed than your expert team to express what your business has to offer your target audience, so we’ll work hard on this process to ensure we have a strong foundation upon which to craft your conversion-focused SEO content.

Articles are written in Google Docs based on our extensive research and content planning, and we can make one round of revisions within the scope of the content plan for each article. Articles are typically between 2-3000 words in length and include ‘Inverted SEO Copywriting‘ CTA’s to boost conversions. Knowing how to blend copywriting techniques with article content writing is essential in getting this stage right.

Step 3. Content Promotion

To achieve conversions from the outset we use paid ads to promote your content as soon as it’s published.

In addition, we also build white hat backlinks to your articles using guest posts and link insertions on relevant, high-quality external websites. Our team conducts targeted outreach to suitable sites so we secure backlinks that actually move the needle when it comes to improving the rankings of individual articles.

This approach to content promotion combined with our in-depth expert article research delivers both targeted traffic and higher conversions.


Step 4. Conversion Reporting

Measuring first and last touch points to attribute conversions to your content is essential in proving the value of your investment in our work.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t hide behind vanity metrics but report back every month on how many leads, demo signups, trials, and sales our content has been responsible for.

In this way, it’s entirely possible to receive less overall vanity traffic to your site – whilst achieving increased buying traffic and on-page conversions from the articles our team has produced – raising your total business revenue from conversion-focused SEO content.

“Loz has provided a consistently reliable, creative, and resourceful copywriting service. I work with lots of writers creating content for our clients, and Loz is one of those I can count on most. He accepts all creative challenges with a positive attitude, is pleasant to work with – and hands me polished, well-researched copy every time.”

Steve Jones, Franchise Marketing Specialist