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SEO Nick
Don’t miss this fascinating show with SEO expert Nick Eubanks

In show 45 of the Content Champion podcast, I chat with SEO professional Nick Eubanks of the superb blog ‘SEO Nick’ – about how he generated over 100,000 monthly visitors to a new site in just 9 months, (yes you did read that correctly).

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Nick Eubanks is one of those people who strikes you as having a keen, intelligent mind from the first few minutes of talking to him. In terms of SEO, this means he’s bubbling over with amazing ideas and thankfully for us – also means his SEO Nick blog is full of incredible posts like the one we’re discussing in today’s episode.

Nick Eubanks
Nick Eubanks

I can’t remember exactly how I first found Nick’s blog, but like its author it made an instant impression – and one post in particular just knocked me sideways – detailing as it did Nick’s achievement in getting over 100,000 organic monthly visitors to a brand new site in just a few months.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the post also highlighted the fact that Nick and his team then replicated this success with another site. You read that correctly too…

Now granted, this was an enterprise level project with huge resources behind it – but as Nick himself points out, it’s the process that’s repeatable from one site to the next provided your niche can sustain it – and this makes the achievement even greater.

So having read the post three times in a row, I just had to invite Nick to be my guest on the show to talk about it – and luckily for us he agreed.

In this fascinating episode we cover:

  • Nick’s backstory and how he got started in the SEO game
  • The context of the project and what challenges Nick faced
  • The three central tenets of the process
  • How Nick used advanced keyword modelling at the start of the project
  • How on-page elements were tested for success
  • The unique ‘pumpkin hacking’ strategy Nick used to gain optimal SEO results
  • How the CMS and hosting factored into the positive outcome
  • What’s next for Nick and his latest venture
  • Where we can find him online and catch up with his superb blog

Plus! The PS Question! Nick shares a fantastic SEO tactic that will help you gain more traffic whilst avoiding Google penalties!

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