October 31, 2019

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On the show this time I’m delighted to be talking SEO predictions and trends for 2020 with world renowned SEO, blogger, speaker and online entrepreneur, Matt Diggity.

2020 SEO predictions with Matt Diggity

Founder of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference, Matt is not only famed for the amount of SEO testing he does, but also for his in-depth industry experience and multiple high quality SEO businesses – so when it comes to SEO trends for 2020 he’s definitely the man in the know.

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Matt’s Backstory

Before I ever got into this SEO game, I was an engineer. I went to school at UC San Diego and got a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, got my masters degree and did that whole thing – and it was bloody torture for I’d say six to seven years.

There’s nothing wrong with being an engineer, but there is something wrong with being in a cubicle 60 hours a week and seeing your whole life mapped out for you and just seeing that whole trajectory.

So I think it was around 2009, I started to get stir crazy and one of my buddies handed me the four hour work week and was like, yo, check this out. There’s other ways to make money in this world. And I was just like, okay, four hour work week – yeah, right buddy, let’s see. And I read it and I learned about how to make money online.

I got my feet wet and eventually stumbled upon SEO. My first flavour of SEO was getting into affiliate marketing. The whole concept of passive income struck a chord with me – you rank something high on Google and it’s going to get traffic – then you can make sales while you’re sleeping.

I love gaming and had a gamer type mentality – I was a big world of Warcraft player. I looked at Google search results as like a leaderboard. So it was, SEO just had all these magical elements that just addicted me right off the bat, and I still do affiliate SEO to this day.

Show Notes

  • ​Learn how Matt got into SEO
  • Discover the story behind Matt’s multiple SEO businesses
  • ​Matt’s technical SEO predictions for next year
  • Where we’re headed with on-page SEO in 2020
  • What trends Matt sees in content marketing going forward
  • Matt gives his predictions for off-page SEO and link building in 2020
  • What Matt sees happening in the wider online marketing industry in the year ahead
  • What the future holds for Matt’s own SEO businesses
  • The PS Question (subscribers only) – ​Matt shares an ace answer to my final question…

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Key Show Quotes

SEO has never been better and never been easier. Those are pretty bold things to say, but there are more people shopping online than ever and people are getting comfortable shopping online in every category – from food to clothes. So there’s more websites online in general which means more SEO clients and more income for affiliate SEO’s.

There are more investors coming into the affiliate site building space – more people and funds with real money. So you’re now able to flip affiliate websites for 40x monthly profit. That’s crazy. Right now if you build a website making $10,000 a month – which isn’t really that much – you can sell that website for nearly half a million dollars.

We really truly believe that the future is bright and SEO is one of the best things you could be doing. This industry is awesome. It’s a lot of fun to be in and it’s going to be around for a long time.

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2020 SEO trends with Matt Diggity

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