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In this episode I’m delighted to be discussing how to write SEO content with world renowned SEO expert, Nathan Gotch. Let’s dive in…

how to write seo content

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Nathan’s Backstory

I got my start in SEO in 2012 when I was still in college. I was just your average college student trying to figure out ways to make money. I discovered that one of the best ways to make money at that time was to start a blog. I had no skillset at that point – the only thing I really knew how to do was throw a baseball. So I decided to start a baseball pitching blog. That ended up being the breeding ground for learning how to do SEO. I was hooked after that and started creating website after website just to figure out how to get better and how to get results more consistently.

I was honestly not even interested in making money. I just enjoyed the process of ranking websites and driving traffic to them, so eventually I got pretty good at it and I was able to drive results consistently. Then I started to take on clients and do client SEO for a couple of years, and that was pretty successful. But then I got really burned out and needed a different way to diversify my income, because I can’t handle just working with clients for 100% of my revenue. So then I built out a white label services division, which serves other SEO agencies and digital marketing agencies.

Then I also built out my SEO training course, The Gotch SEO Academy, which has now been my focus for the last two years. I actually haven’t been working with clients at all – but I’m starting to experiment taking on a few clients again here and there for some future plans. But my main focus for the last couple of years has been Gotch SEO Academy and I’ve grown that to over 700 students now. I definitely think focusing on this has helped me a lot, but I do feel I’ve been missing out on some opportunities to help people in other ways outside of just training – so that’s what I’m starting to dive back into as well.

Nathan’s Questions

  • Before we dive into writing SEO content, can you tell us your back story please?
  • Tell us about your current business, Gotch SEO?
  • OK, so what is SEO content and how can it help us?
  • You follow a 9 step SEO content creation process, so let’s go through each stage in order – looking at an overview of each stage…
  1. Find your keywords
  2. Qualify your keywords
  3. Select a keyword based on competitor analysis
  4. Establish your search intent strategy
  5. Develop your content strategy
  6. Create your content
  7. Optimize your content
  8. Publish
  9. Repeat
  • Thanks for coming on the show, can you remind us where we can find you online?
  • The PS Question (subscribers only) – ​Nathan gives us a great answer to my final question…

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Key Show Quotes

It’s so huge to target the right keywords, and that’s why I spend a lot of time on this phase. I don’t just skip right over it, I think about it in detail and really analyse everything before I make a decision to go after a certain keyword.

Honestly, out of every marketing investment I’ve made over the last six years, nothing has ever done better than just investing in really good content. It’s always the best investment longterm. It’s obviously a big investment up front, but longterm it always outperforms everything else.

One of the biggest goals for an SEO campaign is to build your site’s authority – because once your site’s authoritative, everything gets easier. So that should always be the objective, and really there’s only one way to do that and it’s to get links on relevant blogs in your industry.

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