June 26, 2014

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​Welcome to episode 25 of the Content Champion podcast. On the show this time it's my pleasure to be discussing automated content marketing software with Robbie Allen, Founder and CEO of Automated Insights and creator of Wordsmith software.

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Not only is Robbie a highly accomplished IT engineer with two masters degrees from MIT, but he’s also a prolific author, serial entrepreneur and mentor to multiple tech startups.

Robbie Allen
Robbie Allen

Big data is a hot topic at the time of writing, yet its ramifications and potential benefits for content marketers have yet to be fully explored.

That’s why I was delighted when Robbie agreed to come on the show to discuss his new automated analytics product – developed exclusively for the marketing community – ‘Wordsmith For Marketing’.

Over half an hour, we consider how automated software can process big data sources, and look at the practical applications of this for content marketing platforms. We also talk about artificial intelligence, the dot com boom and the future of the industry.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • Robbie’s career history
  • Working in Silicon Valley during the dot com boom
  • The backstory to his current company, Automated Insights
  • The role artificial intelligence plays in automated software solutions
  • The huge potential of automated software platforms
  • Wider practical applications of such software
  • How automated software solutions can help content marketers
  • How automated platforms harness big data sources to assist marketers in producing content and creating bespoke analytics
  • An introduction to the ‘Wordsmith For Marketing’ product and how it can help content marketers
  • Planned feature developments for the ‘Wordsmith For Marketing’ platform
  • How automated software frees-up our time
  • Future trends for big data and automated software
  • What’s next in the product pipeline for Automated Insights

Plus! The PS Question! Robbie shares two advanced content marketing strategies you won’t want to miss!

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