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Content websites (also called authority sites or niche sites) are WordPress sites that consistently publish informational content built around a certain topic. The traffic generated is then monetized with ads, affiliate links or information products.

I now work full time creating content for a small portfolio of sites that I started in 2020. Here are my recommended resources to get started building your own content site today. These are affiliate links so I'll make a small commission if you make a purchase - at no cost to you. Many thanks 🙂

The Passive Income Geek Content Site Course

This is my first choice course for building niche sites. Morten is a great teacher and his methodology really resonated with with me when compared to what everyone else was doing. Since the end of 2020 I've been following his course exclusively, and am seeing some very exciting results.

I'm going to write a full review of this course when I get round to it, but at the moment I'm literally still publishing 20,000 words of content a week on my sites so I genuinely don't have time.

In my opinion this is the best content site course currently available online, and the community is really supportive too and Morten is in there every day answering our questions. At just under $300 bucks (at the time of writing), this course is an absolute steal as well. I'll see you in there geeking out on building content sites!

Passive Income Geek

Thrive Theme Builder & Thrive Architect

I build all my content sites using Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect (including this one). It's the site builder I'm most comfortable with, and while it's not perfect you can now make SEO friendly sites with it that load pretty fast too.

There are many other options available, but it's what I recommend at the moment because it's so simple to create something that looks good - and that's easy to publish content on - which means you can get up and running very quickly. If you're not a beginner or know more about the web design side of things, then this may not be the option you need to go with.

I interviewed Shane Melaugh, the founder of Thrive Themes, on my podcast years ago - and he's a good guy who stands behind his products, so that's another reason I use them. Trust is a big factor in all this, and I firmly believe you buy both people and products.

Thrive Theme Builder

WPX Hosting

The final thing I recommend for content site builders is WPX Hosting. Apart from getting the strategy right (which you can with Morten's course above), and building a great looking, fast loading site (with Thrive Theme Builder), the only other element you really need to get right is hosting. 

I've been with WPX for eight years and it goes without saying the hosting is fast and secure - but what really sets these guys apart is the site backups and customer service.

They have a great live chat function which is really responsive, so if you make a mistake on your site (which I do sometimes), then it's worth every penny to know these guys have got your back and can get your site up and running again quickly. I'm investing a lot of time and money in my sites so I need to rely on my hosting and the team behind it.

Some years ago I also interviewed the founder of WPX on my podcast, Terry Kyle, and he struck me as being a decent guy too. He's put together a great team at WPX and I can't recommend them more highly.

WPX Hosting