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My guest on episode 53 of the Content Champion Podcast is experienced marketing professional Simon Dunant. Owner of digital marketing consultancy New Rise Digital and presenter of the Podcast Power Marketing Podcast – Simon is also an author, conference speaker and course creator. And it's his latest course, the 'Podcast Power Blueprint' that we're discussing in this value-packed show.

Possessing more than 11 years' experience in online marketing training - coaching businesses, creative artists and bloggers, Simon is certainly an expert in his field. His biggest passion is sharing his extensive knowledge and helping people succeed - and that's the premise behind his excellent new podcasting blueprint.

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Simon's Backstory

Simon started his career back in the 1990's as a radio journalist, receiving training from Syd Burke, a legend in the radio industry. However, from an early age his real passion had been the music industry – so he went on to work as an independent electronic and dance music producer and started his own production studio and record label.

Simon was very successful in the music business, and career highlights included working with Universal Records artists, securing record deals in Europe for multiple artists - and achieving a top 20 billboard chart hit in the US.

In 2006, his record label turned into a music marketing business, and he started using his skills to promote tracks online - using platforms such as MySpace. And as the media landscape evolved, he left the music industry in 2009 and started a new business – the digital marketing agency New Rise Digital. To top all this, Simon also found time to write a book - 'Essential Digital Marketing For Small Business' - that was published on Amazon.

Simon Dunant Power Podcasting

In 2015, Simon began to notice podcasts appearing everywhere on the business scene, and saw that radio shows were slowly embracing the podcast format too - so he decided to respond to this demand by starting his podcast consultancy 'Podcast Power Marketing'.

Simon’s main goal was to help content marketers and brands take advantage of the podcasting revolution - because that’s where the biggest content marketing gains will be made throughout 2016 and beyond. Indeed, independent research shows that 57 million people listen to podcasts every month in the US, and 4 million in the growing UK marketplace - and around 88% of people who are subscribed to a podcast listen to every single episode.

So that brings us up to date with Simon's new training course, the Podcast Power Blueprint. A step-by-step podcast training course designed to guide you through all the stages of setting up a successful podcast, the training consists of 5 easy to follow modules, 20 lessons and 49 individual tutorial videos that take you through the whole process.

The material covers everything from what equipment you need, securing guests and creating great content - to editing, publishing and promoting your podcast to attract a growing audience that can help build your business online.

Simon is definitely a podcast 'guru' and his love for coaching people and unreservedly sharing his knowledge is very unique. He's already helped hundreds of people to reach their goal of becoming a successful podcaster - and he truly believes podcasting is 'humanising the web' and can make a tangible difference in the world by helping listeners to learn and grow.

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Show Notes

In this fascinating 50-minute show we discuss the following subjects:

  • Simon's backstory – his transition from the music industry to the podcast world
  • An introduction to the Power Marketing Podcast
  • An introduction to the Power Podcast Blueprint training
  • The rise of business podcasting
  • Why podcasting is the perfect way to gain a big number of loyal followers
  • The first steps to creating a podcast
  • Hardware and software – where to start with the essential equipment
  • Getting a good quality microphone
  • The best audio recording and editing software
  • How to create high quality content
  • Where to get great guests for your podcast
  • How to plan out your show
  • Where to get a good intro and podcast audio bumpers
  • Recording the show – how to be confident behind the mic
  • Further job opportunities you can get through podcasting
  • How to edit audio after you record your show
  • How to make your podcast sound natural
  • How to publish your podcast on the popular platforms
  • The alternatives to iTunes and Stitcher
  • Plus! The PS Question! Simon shares 3 great podcasting tools you can use to take your show to the next level!