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Welcome to show 57 of the Content Champion Podcast, in this episode I’m bringing you something special and a little bit different. I recently took part in a world record breaking 36 six hour podcast hosted by Mike and Izabela Russell - founders of New Media Europe and the UK Podcasters community. I was one of 36 guest speakers over the mega two day event - and chatted with Mike about how to grow trust and authority through podcasting.

It was a huge honour to be asked to take part and I really enjoyed the whole event - which was streamed live on Blab, a great platform that I’m going to be exploring much more now I've used it. So, if you want to hear me on the other side of the mic for the first time, let’s dive in…

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Story of The Show

​The event was organised to raise awareness of independent UK podcasters, and also to show businesses how podcasting can help build their online brand. The whole show was an incredible success and it was great fun to be involved - although I still don't know how Mike managed to stay awake for the full 36 hours!

I took a screenshot of me and Mike on Blab recording my segment of the show, to give you a feel for how the setup works, and how listeners can interact and ask questions throughout the audio/video presentation. Blab is a superb new platform, and opens up so many avenues for visual podcasting and live presentation that you really should check it out as an innovative way to engage with your target audience.

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Me and Mike Blabbing

Mike Russell

Mike Russell

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Show Notes

In this hour long show we discuss :

  • Loz's backstory and his career in journalism, copywriting & content marketing
  • Why Loz started his podcast and the results
  • The format and framework of the Content Champion Podcast
  • The importance of consistency and planning in podcasting
  • The many business benefits of producing a regular podcast
  • The importance of having the right podcasting mindset
  • How to set your podcast up for success from the start
  • How to drive email signups through your podcasts
  • The importance of a coherent promotion strategy
  • How to attractively present your podcast on your blog or website
  • Tools to use in creating and promoting your show
  • Resources for editing and outsourcing your episodes
  • How to book guests and structure your interviews
  • Key presentation skills to help your show flow
  • How to gain confidence as a podcast host (& guest)
  • The future of podcasting and where the medium is heading