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Business owners spend a lot of time and money creating visually appealing websites and in-depth content to promote themselves online. While these are key features in generating leads, you also need to understand on-page SEO essentials if you want your site to rank properly in the search engines and be found by potential clients.

Since many business websites tend to overlook the relevance and power of on-page SEO, in this quickfire audio checklist I’m going to give you an overview of the crucial foundational SEO elements you need to get right. I share how to properly use keywords, outbound links and internal links, and also consider how to create content that engages your audience and encourages people to stay longer on your site. Let’s dive in.

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Show Notes

  • ​How to create SEO-friendly URLs

  • How to effectively set up meta titles and meta descriptions

  • Keyword variations and sub-heading variations

  • Where to position keywords in body text

  • Why you need a mobile-friendly, responsive design

  • The relevance of multimedia on your page

  • How to create authoritative content that’s easy to read

  • Encouraging social interaction through social sharing buttons

  • How to use internal links to boost your key content

  • Why site speed is always important

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      CC 073: Website Speed (SEO Essentials)

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