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Hi guys, I can’t believe we’re already on to the 8th session of the Content Champion Podcast. This time I’m delighted to be chatting with Steve Kamb of the Nerd Fitness blog.

Steve Kamb Nerd Fitness

Steve’s a great guy and you can see why he’s built such a large following – his enthusiasm and desire to help people lose weight, get fit and live a healthy lifestyle is infectious.

Here’s what we covered in our nearly 40 minute chat:

  • How not to suck at blogging, and a blogging strategy that works
  • Making your blog unique and creating a tribe who love your content
  • The moment Steve knew his blog would be a success
  • How to consistently produce great content for your blog
  • Why you don’t really need Google or SEO at all
  • Why the look and usability of your site is essential
  • What you should do if you’re starting a new blog
  • What trends Steve sees in the future for content marketing

Plus! The PS Question! Steve shares a great strategy that will really help your blog take off!

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Steve Kamb Blogging Nerd Fitness