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I love reading marketing websites and blogs. As a small business owner I've learnt so much over the years from fellow marketers and their courses.

I also like making lists, so why not combine the two so I can share my favourite marketing sites with you? I plan to keep this post updated with my current favourite resources - so this post should always be relevant and provide some ongoing value. 

And if you're fed up with lists then give this one a chance. These resources are all highly original and genuinely helpful - and although you may have heard of some of these already - you will definitely learn more about marketing your online business from all of them.

So in no particular order let's dive in...

occams razor

I firmly believe that if you can't measure the success of your marketing, then you aren't doing it properly, so that's why Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik was such a revelation to me when I first started reading it. 

Avinash is a highly accomplished online marketer, author and educator - but it's his focus on simplifying our understanding of digital analytics that is so crucial to successful online marketing.

His Google Analytics posts are simply brilliant - and have really helped me appreciate what the numbers are actually saying about what's working and what isn't. In all honesty, as a non-techie my Google Analytics numbers looked like gibberish until I read Avinash's posts.  


Yes, yes I know - everyone loves Brian Dean's work at Backlinko and mentions it in these types of lists. However, just because something's popular doesn't mean it's not great - and Backlinko is fantastic.

Put simply, if you want to know about SEO and ranking your YouTube videos, then Brian's site should always be your first stop. I've followed his methods for years - and also invested in his brilliant course 'SEO That Works' - and his advice certainly does. In addition, the podcast we did together is still one of my most popular. 

Gotch SEO

Staying with the SEO themed sites, Nathan Gotch is in my opinion one of only a few SEO experts since Brian Dean to mix things up and bring something unique and innovative to the table - both in terms of the techniques he's using and how he presents his ideas.

As such, Gotch SEO is a superb resource for learning all aspects of SEO - and Nathan's posts are always incredibly detailed and yet easy to follow - a fine balance to perfect.

As a side note, Nathan was the first person to leave a comment on the Brian Dean podcast mentioned above - and this was made at time when I was wondering if doing a podcast was actually worth it - so his kind words definitely spurred me on. I've followed his work ever since. 

Neil Patel

I not only love reading Neil Patel's posts for their excellent marketing content - but because I also marvel at his process.

What I mean by this is that he consistently pumps out extremely high quality content on a high frequency basis, which in itself is a great advertisement for the quality and quantity content creation approach (if you have the resources).

Whether you're reading his blog, listening to his podcast or watching one of his videos - you're always going to learn something new about marketing from Neil Patel.

Authority Hacker

Mark and Gael are a rare breed amongst Internet marketers - in that they actually know what they're talking about. Their Authority Hacker blog and podcast has long been my first port of call for everything to do with building niche sites, link outreach and affiliate marketing.

Why do I listen to them? Simple. They base everything they say and do on real world experience gained from their own successful authority sites - so you know if you follow their advice it will definitely work. On top of all this, Gael also makes a great podcast guest too.

Rank XL

Like the guys at Authority Hacker, Chris Lee at Rank XL bases all his advice on the real world success of his suite of niche blogs.

As such, I trust everything he writes about building authority sites, affiliate marketing and SEO - so much so that I've purchased all of his courses too. When you get a moment check out Chris' content - I find his posts on building high quality white-hat backlinks especially valuable. Excellent stuff.

Fat Stacks Blog

Sticking with the niche site vibe - not only does Jon Dykstra base all his online marketing advice on the systems and processes he's developed to run his own profitable content sites (notice the common theme here), but with Fat Stacks Blog he has the best site name on this list too. 

Jon earns over $30k a month from his niche websites, through a combination of ads, affiliate marketing and online courses - so he definitely knows his stuff. I've invested in all his courses and love the way he comes up with innovative ways to pump out quality content at scale.

Yaro Starak

Yaro was one of the very first people I started following online, and his advice on building an Internet business so you can live a laptop lifestyle has always marked him out as a pioneer in the online marketing world.

Not only this, but Yaro's podcasts are truly enlightening because he always digs deep to get the best out of his guests - so you end up learning more about their backstory and entrepreneurial journey than on other shows. The podcast I did with Yaro is one of my personal favourites too.

Content Marketing Academy

I just love the Content Marketing Academy. Not only is it the best resource of its kind in the UK, but its owner Chris Marr also organises the foremost content marketing conference in Britain too.

Chris is an enthusiastic and eloquent evangelist for the content marketing movement, and he has a knack for very clearly explaining exactly how the whole process works in his blog posts and podcasts. Speaking of podcasts - the show we did together was a corker.

Human Proof Designs

If you want to start an affiliate business online, then Human Proof Designs is your one-stop-shop for everything you'll need.

From ready-made affiliate sites to article packs, keyword research and backlinks - Dom Wells and his team deliver a full range of services to help you succeed as an affiliate marketer, complemented by an excellent blog and podcast. If you want to hear how Dom scales content production for clients and his own sites, then this chat we had together makes for great listening.

The Girls Mean Business

A great resource for enterprising women (and men too), The Girls Mean Business is run by talented entrepreneur, author and speaker Claire Mitchell. A fellow graduate from the best uni ever, The University of Birmingham, Claire provides down to earth, genuinely useful marketing advice that will help you grow your online business.

Check out the entertaining show we did together for episode 41 of The Content Champion Podcast - you'll love Claire's friendly approach to doing business and her actionable marketing tactics.

Smart Blogger

Jon Morrow at Smart Blogger is one of the most inspirational people I've ever had the pleasure to talk to, and the podcast we recorded together is not only a source of excellent blogging and guest blogging advice - but an insight into the life of a man who has overcome incredible odds to become massively successful.

If you ever doubt yourself, lack confidence or put hurdles in your own way - then consume all Jon's content and learn about his backstory - his positive approach to life and business puts everything into perspective. 

Robbie Richards

Like Brian Dean and Nathan Gotch, Robbie Richards is one of only a handful of experts that explain SEO and other aspects of online marketing in a way most business owners can actually understand, (me included).

His blog posts and tutorial videos on SEO, driving traffic and building your email list go into great detail and give you actionable tactics for driving your online business forward. Case in point is this technique on building your email list using giveaways that he shared with me. Great stuff. 

Ann Handley

Marketing expert, author, speaker, blogger and partner at MarketingProfs, Ann Handley is a seriously talented lady. A highly acclaimed digital marketing pioneer, her site is choc full of actionable strategies and tactics.

A master of personal branding too, you just can't help loving Ann's logo that features her signature black framed glasses. Did I mention she's a LinkedIn Influencer as well? Give her blog a read when you get a moment - you'll learn a great deal as I have.

Smart Passive Income

If I remember rightly, Smart Passive Income was the first marketing blog I started to follow in earnest. By this I mean I avidly consumed literally everything Pat Flynn created - his blog posts, income reports (revolutionary at the time), podcast and later his videos - which is the main way I consume his content today.

By being the 'crash test dummy' of online marketing - sharing both his successes and failures - Pat's approach made him extremely accessible and popular, and aside from his great marketing tips I have always found the growth of his business to be completely inspiring.

Create & Go

Create & Go

The guys at Create & Go have got a great, great sales funnel. I know this because I found Alex and Lauren's site through their about us page, then purchased one of their courses straight after reading it. Since then I've consumed not just their excellent blogging course but all their blog content too.

These two provide just about the best advert for the laptop lifestyle you could ever get - and their personal branding and writing style combine to make their content extremely snackable. Their blog is like a tube of Pringles - once you pop it open you can't stop reading. Go check them out - and their superb courses too.


To my mind, Ahrefs is one of the best SEO blogs on the Internet, and certainly jostles for top position with the likes of Backlinko and Gotch SEO. However, what really sets Ahrefs apart is the vast amounts of unique proprietary data available to CMO Tim Soulo and his excellent writing team.

As such, the Ahrefs site is surely the 'SEO's SEO blog' - because these data-backed posts make the content so incredibly illuminating and authoritative. By the way, Tim Soulo also makes a great podcast guest - he has completely mastered his craft.

Income School

I really love these guys - primarily for their refreshing approach to niche site building, but also for their thoroughly engaging YouTube videos. Jim and Ricky are just so damn watchable - they present all their ideas with a really approachable demeanour, and are completely transparent about the results achieved by all their money sites.

The Income School method revolves around giving Google searchers exactly what they want with your articles - and ranking sites based on the value of this search-intent friendly content alone, without building any backlinks. They also don't believe in using keyword research tools - just a common sense approach to choosing phrases to write about. I think everything they do is great so recommend you check them out as soon as you can.

Have I Missed Your Top Marketing Website?

So that's it for this list of my top marketing websites at the current time of writing. As mentioned I'll keep this updated as more of my favourite resources come clearer into view. I tend to find something new then get really excited by it and go on a Netflix style 'content binge' until I've read/consumed everything available - so expect some regular additions to these sites.

Have I missed out your personal favourite? Let me know in the comments below...

marketing websites