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On today’s show it is my complete honour to be discussing podcast monetization with one of the very first people I ever started following online - the Internet marketing expert, online entrepreneur, coach, blogger and podcaster, Yaro Starak - author of the Blog Profits Blueprint and founder of the superb blog

Yaro began blogging over 12 years ago initially as a hobby, but as his income from blogging surpassed $10,000 a month, he decided his future lay in this new publishing medium. Since then, Yaro has used his blog as a platform to sell over $2 million dollars of ebooks, online courses and memberships.

How To Make Money Podcasting With Yaro Starak

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Today, Yaro is a mentor to thousands of experts, authors, coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers - teaching how to turn knowledge into a profitable online business. He specializes in helping people to set up their own 'Blog Sales Funnel' - a system that combines blogging with email marketing to build a platform selling digital training products on autopilot.

Yaro has a proven track record of results, with his 'graduate bloggers' going on to make thousands of dollars – sometimes even millions – in such diverse niches as book design, ADHD counseling, acne treatment, BMX bikes, skiing and cars - plus sports news, speed reading, real estate, television production and fat loss.

In short, Yaro Starak is THE man when it comes to learning about online entreprenuership and monetizing your podcast - so let's dive in...

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Show Notes

  • Yaro shares with us how his journey into online marketing began
  • Learn how podcasting has formed an important part of Yaro’s business
  • Find out more about the benefits of podcasting in a business context
  • Discover Yaro’s strategy when it comes to recording effective interviews
  • Hear how Yaro transformed his business and podcast with client case studies
  • Learn how the technical side of podcasting has evolved over the years
  • Discover why storytelling is so important in creating a successful podcast
  • Understand more about the different ways of monetizing your podcast
  • Hear why the quality of your audience is worth more than its size
  • Learn how knowing your big idea will help you promote to a niche audience
  • Find out more about Yaro’s Power Podcasting course and his other products
  • Plus! The PS Question! Yaro shares a complete gem here so make sure you listen right to the end of the show!

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