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On the show this time I'm looking at how to start a local lead generation business in multiple locations with SEO expert and Amazon SEO expert, Tom Buckland, founder of HQ SEO, Ghost Marketing and SEO Oasis.

This is a proven and scalable business model, so I was excited to talk with Tom about the new company he's set up to roll out this system, and how we can replicate his success with local lead gen sites.

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Local Lead Generation Show Notes

  • Find out more on Tom's backstory

  • The lowdown on Tom's team and companies

  • An overview of the local lead generation model, and how we can use it in multiple locations

  • How to setup our location specific local lead gen pages

  • Setting up a Google My Business page for each location

  • Running a local SEO campaign to each of the individual landing pages

  • Optimising our landing pages to generate large amounts of leads

  • How to sell our leads once we’ve generated them

  • The PS Question - Tom shares 2 great lead generation tips for the price of 1!

[Podcast] How To Start a Local Lead Generation Business With Tom Buckland #localseo #leadgen

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