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Hello again, welcome to episode number 19 of the Content Champion podcast. On the show this time, I'm delighted to be talking with local business entrepreneur and marketing consultant Bella Vasta.

Since leaving college, Bella has grown her house and pet sitting firm into an award winning local business - using innovative content marketing techniques to increase her customer base.

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Bella Vasta
Bella VastaBella’s enthusiasm and bubbly personality are very inspiring, and when it comes to promoting her business, she has learned through experience what works and what doesn’t.

What’s so great about Bella is that she shares her knowledge of content marketing, blogging and social media with other local business owners in her niche – and her mantra of ‘don’t stop learning’ is a very positive message for anyone trying to build their own enterprise.

We chatted for just under an hour, and covered a lot of ground – including:

  • The story of how Bella got started and grew her business online
  • What content marketing strategies she employs to grow her blog traffic
  • How to use the power of local news in your niche to fuel business growth
  • What mindset you need to succeed and be proactive with your local business
  • How she incentivises her team to engage with branding & social media strategy
  • How to measure or quantify the success of your content marketing efforts
  • How her email marketing strategy works and what results she gets from it
  • Learning from mentors – the experts she follows and why
  • Why Bella used her content marketing success to start a consulting business
  • How she started a pet sitting podcast to connect with her audience nationally
  • Time management and her approach to business management systems
  • How I stayed in my wife’s good books by remembering to buy her flowers on Valentine’s Day!

Plus! The PS Question! Bella shares a great content marketing strategy that everyone can try right after the show!

Valentine's Roses
Luckily my wife’s Valentine’s Day roses arrived in time!

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