August 10, 2019

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Matthew Woodward link building techniques

Welcome to the Content Champion podcast. On the show this time I’m delighted to be discussing evergreen link building techniques with award winning SEO and digital marketer, Matthew Woodward.

Renowned for his in-depth SEO tutorials and case studies, Matthew has been helping business owners grow online since 2012.

So with that all said, let’s dive in…

Listen To Matthew’s Show On Link Building

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Show Notes

  • ​Discover Matthew’s backstory
  • Get the lowdown on Matthew’s renowned blog and SEO company
  • ​Our quick fire run down of the 12 link building techniques
  • Matthew’s approach to outreach for link building
  • Why you should only focus on your favourite two link building techniques
  • Find out where you can find Matthew online
  • The PS Question – ​Matthew gives one of the best ever answers to the PS Question!

Featured Resources

Matthew’s renowned blog

The original link building strategies post

Search Logistics

Matt Diggity

Brandon Gaille

Authority Hacker


Link Assistant (SEO PowerSuite)

FAQ Rich Snippets (this works as I tried it right after the call – proof below)

FAQ rich snippets

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