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Content marketing expert, Michael Karp, is my guest on the 54th episode of the Content Champion podcast. Michael is the owner of the brilliant site Copytactics - that helps people grow their online businesses through content marketing. In fact, Michael's articles are literally buzzing with in-depth ideas on how you can use content marketing techniques to build your online brand.

On top of this, Michael has also written a superb book, 'The Content Marketing Guidebook', that teaches you a proven step-by-step process based on his experience. It's the 7-step lead generating formula behind this approach that we focus on in this show.

Content marketing lead generation

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Michael's Backstory

After reading 'Escape Plan: Ditch the Rat Race, Discover the World, Live Better for Less' by Mark Manson, Michael first got inspired to become an Internet entrepreneur. The book teaches you how to quit your job and travel the world which is something he always wanted to do. So Michael started freelance writing, but after trying that for a couple of months, he wanted to do something more meaningful.

It was then he stumbled upon Copyblogger’s eBook - 'Content Marketing: How to Build an Audience that Builds Your Business' - and after reading it, he knew he wanted to be a content marketer. He then started teaching Internet marketing on his blog - leading by example with his comprehensive case studies and blog posts.

Michael Karp

Within this context, Michael started focusing on his proven 7-step content marketing process. The premise behind Michael’s method is a straightforward, repeatable system that anyone can replicate in their business. He teaches you how to create high quality content, rank your content in the search engines and convert visitors into leads and sales.

In this episode, Michael takes us through these steps: finding proven content, keyword research, competitive analysis, content creation, on-page SEO, content promotion and link building. And the really great thing about this blueprint is that although it does require hard work - Michael makes the whole process sound easy 🙂

[Podcast] The 7 Step #ContentMarketing Lead Generation System With Michael Karp

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Show Notes

In this quickfire 35-minute show we discuss :

  • Michael's backstory and how he got started in content marketing
  • How to find content that is proven to be shareable and linkable
  • Tools for finding the most popular content in your niche
  • How to use the MozBar Chrome extension
  • How to find 'the holy grail' of keywords
  • The importance of picking keywords with low competition
  • How keywords set you up for success or failure
  • Manual methods for finding keywords
  • Using Long Tail Platinum for keyword research
  • How to optimize content for keywords
  • How to conduct competitor content analysis
  • How to create engaging and informative content
  • The benefits of longer vs. shorter content
  • Creating step by step actionable content
  • The four main areas of on-page SEO
  • Where to place target keywords in content
  • How to find keyword variations
  • Linking out to authority sites for SEO
  • The difference between power promotion and daily promotion
  • How to conduct email outreach
  • Forum and community link building
  • Resource page and weekly roundup link building
  • Where we can find Michael's resources online
  • Plus! The PS Question! You won't want to miss Michael's advanced content marketing tip at the end of the show!
Content marketing lead egenartion system