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Hi guys, it’s time for the 13th session of the Content Champion Podcast. On the show this time round is Steve Scott, the best selling author on the Amazon Kindle platform who makes a cool $9,000 a month from his ebooks, (and he also makes more from his affiliate marketing blog).

Steve Scott writing Amazon Kindle books

Steve was very generous with his time, and shared a step-by-step strategy for making a living as a Kindle ebook author, (if you’re prepared to work for it :-)).

We spoke at length covering every aspect of researching, drafting, writing and marketing your ebook – and topics include:

  • Why Steve started writing Kindle ebooks
  • Background on the Amazon Kindle platform and how it can benefit authors
  • How to research what type of ebooks will be successful
  • How to structure and format your ebooks
  • Productivity tips to help the writing process
  • What length your finished ebook should be
  • Effectively proofreading your work
  • Writing a great ebook title
  • Getting an attractive cover made
  • Pricing strategies for your ebook
  • How to upload your work to the Kindle platform
  • The two main ways to market your ebooks
  • Using reviews to improve your writing
  • Mistakes to avoid when writing your ebooks
  • Why consistency and persistence are key to your success

Plus! The PS Question! Steve shares his two main advanced techniques for being a successful Kindle author!

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