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Hi folks, welcome to the 17th session of the Content Champion podcast. On the show this time I’m delighted to be speaking with Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, best selling author and industry thought leader.

Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute

With someone of Joe’s authority and experience on the show, I thought it would be a great idea to look ahead to the key trends we’ll see developing in this field over the next 12 months – and to also see if we can get him to share a few tips, strategies and predictions with us 🙂

I greatly admire what Joe has achieved, and his easy going character made him a pleasure to interview. His enthusiasm for his subject is infectious, so I hope you get as much value out of our discussion as I did.

Joe was generous with his time for this podcast, and for over 45 minutes we discussed issues that will be pivotal to the industry throughout 2014 – and we also covered a load of great strategies that you can action after you’ve finished listening.

This fascinating interview covered subjects which included:

  • How Joe got started in the marketing industry
  • The history behind the Content Marketing Institute
  • What trends are going to surprise, help & delight us in 2014
  • How businesses should be creating quality content for maximum success
  • Why your company needs a coherent strategy before you produce any more content
  • Which social media platforms we should be using in the year ahead
  • How social media advocacy can help your business tell its brand story
  • How your business can benefit from the social media 4-1-1 strategy
  • Why creating an ‘influencer list’ is key to your success on social media
  • How the range of in-house content marketing roles will increase in 2014
  • Why your business needs to adopt a joined up company-wide approach to content marketing
  • Why training is the key to corporate content marketing success
  • How to measure the effectiveness of content marketing programmes
  • Why your business needs to grow its own engaged tribe to set itself apart
  • The one main facet your business needs to succeed with these strategies
  • Why you should never just pump out content without a clear call to action
  • What one thing will completely blow us away in the industry in 2014

Plus! The PS Question! You don’t want to miss the content auditing strategy Joe shares at the end of the podcast – a great tip you can action today!

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