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Hi guys, I’m excited to welcome bestselling author and popular blogger, Jeff Goins, as my guest on the 18th Content Champion podcast.

I’ve followed Jeff’s great work on the GoinsWriter blog for nearly a year now – and he’s one of the few bloggers I find genuinely inspiring and helpful. His practical advice on being a better writer and earning a living from your work is priceless, so you really don’t want to miss this show.

Jeff Goins of GoinsWriter

Jeff has vast experience when it comes to the art and craft of writing, yet his approach goes far beyond this. By sharing his own personal stories he encourages us to look within ourselves to improve our own writing, learning important life lessons to enhance our approach.

A master communicator at the top of his game, Jeff was very generous with his time in this podcast, and we chatted about everything from Hemingway and the Beatles to John Mayer and Walt Disney – all of it geared towards helping you become a more successful writer.

The topics we covered included:

  • Jeff’s history as a writer and how he got started
  • The story behind the Goins, Writer blog
  • Having the confidence to call yourself a professional writer
  • How to focus on the ‘work’ of writing
  • Where Jeff gets his inspiration, and who his favourite writers are
  • How to use the right tone of voice to connect with your audience
  • What constitutes quality content and how we can write it
  • How to write effectively across multiple platforms
  • Mastering the art of storytelling in your writing
  • When you know you’re ready to monetize your blog
  • How to make your writing rise above all the other ‘content noise’
  • How online writing is becoming less prescriptive and more conversational
  • Why web and font design are key to content engagement
  • What writing projects Jeff has planned for 2014

Plus! The PS Question! Jeff shares a fantastic advanced writing strategy that I can really relate to (listen to the whole podcast to discover what this is!)

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