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​Hello again, it's time for session 22 of the Content Champion podcast. In this show, I'm excited to be speaking with digital marketing specialist Jay Baer, founder of Convince and Convert and author of Youtility.​

Jay Baer

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In this podcast, we draw upon the themes of Youtility to establish how content marketing strategies can assist the growth of your online business – as you become a more helpful marketer focused on building profitable relationships with your customers.

Jay is a compelling speaker and I found his approach to be fascinating and extremely valuable. Having consulted with over 700 companies, including brands such as Nike and Caterpillar – plus 30 of the Fortune 500 firms – it’s clear that Jay really knows his stuff when it comes to digital media strategy.

We spoke for nearly 40 minutes and Jay was very generous with his time, and over the course of our discussion we covered a great deal of ground, including:

  • The story of Jay’s marketing career
  • Why you need to become a more helpful marketer
  • The three types of awareness you need to have in order to succeed in digital marketing
  • The precise three facets to becoming a more useful marketer
  • How to identify what your customers require so you can address these needs
  • How small businesses can get started with content marketing
  • How to use calls to action more effectively on your site
  • How to use social media to successfully grow your online brand
  • Why content marketing is an ongoing process you have to commit to over the long-term
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing and digital marketing efforts
  • What industry trends Jay sees developing over the next year
  • What Jay has coming up in the next 12 months (including the great new redesign of the Convince and Convert site)

Plus! The PS Question! Listen right to the end because Jay shares the fantastic ‘digital dandelion’ strategy you can use to grow your online business!

I wholeheartedly recommend Jay’s book, Youtility. If you’d like to buy a copy please click the graphic below (non affiliate link):


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