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On the show this time I'm talking with niche site entrepreneur and expert affiliate marketer, Dom Wells of Human Proof Designs. Dom created Human Proof Designs for two reasons: to teach others about affiliate marketing, and to give you ready-made niche sites that are worth buying.

In this episode we are discussing how to scale content production, important for both niche site creation and business sites using content marketing. Let's dive in...

How To Scale Content CReation

[Podcast] How To Scale Content Creation With Dom Wells #contentmarketing

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Show Notes

  • Hear how Dom got started in affiliate marketing
  • Dom tells us more about his business, Human Proof Designs
  • Find out why quality content is key to online success
  • Hear more about Dom’s team of content creators and the results they have achieved
  • Learn how Dom’s teaching career impacted his journey into affiliate marketing
  • Understand the structure of a team that's going to create content for a site
  • Find out how Dom vets his editors and writers before hiring them
  • Learn more about how keyword research is used in forming new content and articles
  • Hear about some of the content archetypes Dom produces, and what elements go into each of them
  • Learn more about the final uploading or publishing process for content
  • Find out why identifying your own core skills will help you to manage others more effectively
  • Discover how Dom uses link building to promote content for his niche sites
  • Dom tells us about the case study membership he has recently launched
  • Plus! The PS Question! Dom shares an absolute cracker you don't want to miss!

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