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​Hello and welcome to episode 76 of the ​Content Champion Podcast. On the show this time, I’m delighted to be talking with the founder of the Content Marketing Academy - Chris Marr.

Chris has fast become the leading voice in the UK content marketing movement - and the CMA Live conference he established, held annually in Edinburgh, Scotland - attracts big name speakers such as Marcus Sheridan, Chris Brogan and Ann Handley (and not forgetting Chris himself - who is an engaging and inspiring speaker and coach).

I wanted to talk to Chris about a great article on the CMA website ​detailing how content marketing leads to sales, and what resulted was a fascinating conversation. So let’s dive in...

How Content Marketing Leads To Sales With Chris Marr

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Show Notes

  • ​​Learn about Chris' previous career & backstory

  • ​Introducing the Zero Moment of Truth

  • ​Understanding how your prospects buy online

  • ​Formulating buyer questions to inform your content

  • ​The process of how content marketing leads to sales

  • ​Marcus Sheridan's 'They Ask You Answer' Framework

  • ​The 5 main types of questions your customers always ask

  • ​Why content marketing is a strategic part of your business

  • ​Where we can find Chris online and access his resources

  • ​The PS Question - Chris shares a great answer you won't want to miss!

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How Content Marketing Leads To Sales With Chris Marr