May 23, 2019

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Facebook ads with Lucas Lee-Tyson

On the Content Champion Podcast this time, we’re looking at how to get leads and clients running Facebook ads.

My expert guest, Lucas Lee-Tyson of Growth Cave, currently manages over $50,000 a month in Facebook ad spend for his clients – and has a proven system that works for every business.

So let’s dive in…

Listen To Lucas’s Show On Facebook Ads

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Show Notes

  • ​Learn about Lucas and hear his backstory
  • The story behind Growth Cave
  • ​Lucas shares his own success driving leads with Facebook ad campaigns
  • Why Facebook ads are the right thing to do for most small businesses
  • The two types of campaigns you should focus on at first
  • ​Lucas gives us an overview of his Facebook ads funnel system
  • We walk through a real world small business Facebook ads scenario
  • ​How we should optimise our Facebook campaigns for maximum conversions
  • Where we can find Lucas online (and details of his new course)
  • The PS Question – ​Lucas shares ​a superb Facebook ads tactic you can use right after the show!

Resources Mentioned

Growth Cave

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Audience Insights

Optin Monster


Active Campaign

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