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I’m delighted to be chatting with experienced marketing consultant Liz Lockard in the fourth session of the Content Champion Podcast. Liz helps small business owners to reach out more effectively to their target audience on the Web, and she’s built a reputation for giving great quality advice on increasing your online traffic and conversion rates.

Liz Lockard Epic Content

Liz LockardLiz was very generous with her time, and in this edition of the podcast we cover the following essential subjects:

  • Why it always pays off when you produce epic content
  • How to choose topics for your blog posts and other content
  • How committing to creating quality content can help grow your business
  • Why it’s essential to measure the response rates of your content marketing
  • How to simplify Google Analytics
  • Why you should try podcasting to grow your audience

Plus! The PS Question: Liz shares a great advanced strategy you really don’t want to miss!

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Liz Lockard Creating Epic Content