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Are you ready to build your brand using email?

In show number 47 of the Content Champion podcast, I’m thrilled to be speaking with Californian traveler and entrepreneur, Danny Flood, about how to use email outreach techniques to grow your business and brand whilst living a ‘laptop lifestyle’.

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Danny Flood has fought in Thai boxing matches in Bangkok (respect), rafted down the Amazon and climbed many of South America’s highest mountains. He’s sailed across the South China Sea and crossed most of Southeast Asia on a motorbike. He’s trekked through jungles and abseiled down huge waterfalls.

In short, he’s an action man – but more importantly from our point of view, he’s also a highly adept entrepreneur and content marketer – and has achieved all the above whilst running three location-independent businesses, including the wildly successful OpenWorld Magazine. In his last four years of country-hopping, Danny has also consulted for companies in Brazil, the US and Argentina – all the while falling back on his secret weapon to build online brands and sales.

Danny’s secret weapon is email outreach, and in his new book ‘Hack Email, Connect With Anyone, Build Your Business and Brand, Become an Unstoppable Force’ – he shares some of the key ways he uses email outreach tactics to grow his businesses while living life with just a backpack and a can-do attitude.

Danny Flood
Danny Flood

Luckily for us, this real life Indianna Jones made some time in his busy schedule to share many of these killer techniques with us, and the result is an information packed podcast that covers almost as much ground as Danny himself.

In this half hour show we discuss:

  • Danny’s backstory and why he got the traveling bug
  • Which countries he’s been too and some of his key travel highlights
  • Why relationship building is crucial for success in any business
  • The  email outreach mistakes we should always avoid
  • What awesome email outreach looks like and how we can achieve it
  • Essential tools you can use to make the whole process easier
  • An introduction to the Streak app for Gmail
  • How to find and connect with the right people every time
  • The habitual side of conducting effective email outreach
  • Where we can find Danny online and buy his excellent books

Plus! The PS Question! Danny shares his advice on taking your content creation and outreach to the next level!

Resources mentioned in this show:

hack email
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