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Hi guys, welcome to session 15 of the Content Champion Podcast. This time I’m delighted to be talking with social media expert Jim Tobin of Ignite Social Media, about his new book ‘Earn It. Don’t Buy It’.

Jim Tobin of Ignite Social Media

With 2014 already being heralded as the year of earned social media engagement for brands and marketers, Jim’s book could not be more timely.

His writing style is conversational and easy to follow – and the book not only gives examples of how social media marketing is changing, but is also packed with practical strategies that will help your business keep up.

Jim was extremely generous with his time, and in 40 minutes we covered a lot of fascinating topics – including:

Earn It. Don't Buy It
Earn It. Don’t Buy It
  • How Jim got started online and the backstory of his current business
  • Why social media is to some extent broken, and how this changes what we do as marketers
  • How earned social media interactions are taking precedence over paid
  • How to find and identify key metrics to measure the success of social media marketing campaigns
  • An introduction to ‘The Momentum Effect’ and how this can be used to your advantage
  • An insight into Jim’s 6 unique models for measuring social media metrics
  • How mobile is going to radically change social media marketing in the very near future
  • How social media increasingly influences SEO
  • Why paid social media engagement should not be overlooked entirely
  • How to identify and connect with social media ‘influencers’
  • Getting your strategy, technology, staffing and culture right for social media marketing success
  • Why brands need to fully commit in order to make the most of social media opportunities

Plus! The PS Question! Jim shares a great social media marketing strategy that needs to be heard!

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