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​Does content marketing work anymore? Is content marketing dead? These are just some of the questions I hear all the time - and that I hope to answer in ​this edition of the Content Champion podcast.

​​​To discuss this subject, and ​to mount a defence of content marketing, it's my great pleasure to introduce my latest guest, Sarah Mitchell, Director of Content Strategy at Lush The Content Agency in Perth, Australia.

An expert at developing content marketing and community engagement strategies for clients, Sarah is also an in demand public speaker, Australian editor for The Chief Content Officer magazine and co-host of the Brand Newsroom Podcast.

​So there really is no-one better placed to show us ​how content marketing works and what you're doing wrong if it isn't working for you just yet. Let's dive in.

Does content marketing work

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Show Notes

  • ​​Learn about ​Sarah's backstory

  • ​​Why a documented strategy is essential for content marketing success

  • ​​Why marketers and agencies should stop looking for quick win tactics with content marketing

  • ​Why content marketing is a long term investment in your business (and commitment is key)

  • ​How to measure content marketing so you can report on your success

  • ​Examples of two firms killing it with content marketing

  • ​​Sarah’s quick fire defence of content marketing (25 things you should look out for if you want to be successful)

  • ​​Where we can connect with Sarah online

  • ​The PS Question - ​listen to the end as you won't want to miss Sarah's answer!

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Is content marketing dead