Last updated: January 3, 2017 by Loz James

Welcome to the 65th edition of the Content Champion Podcast - on the show this time, I’m delighted to be speaking with SEO and content marketing expert, Andrew Holland, founder of UK based Zoogly media.

I first encountered Andrew in the Facebook group for Brian Dean’s excellent course SEO That Works – and was instantly struck by the fact that Andrew not only knows his stuff – but is generous when sharing his knowledge with others.

Digital & Content Marketing ROI

To gain the benefit of his experience, I wanted to talk with Andrew about a great post he has written for the Zoogly blog – ‘How To Explain The ROI of Digital Marketing’ – as I know many readers have difficulties with this, especially related to content marketing – whether for their own or client businesses.

Andrew gave me a lot of his time for this interview, and as befitting his high level of expertise he shared some value-packed information with us - so let's dive in...

Andrew Holland of Zoogly Media

[Podcast] How To Explain The ROI of Digital & Content Marketing With Andrew Holland

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Show Notes

In this extensive 50-minute show we discuss:

  • Andrew's backstory and how he got started in SEO & digital marketing
  • Why proving the ROI of digital & content marketing can be diffidult
  • 6 definitive ways of measuring digital & content marketing ROI:

  • Measuring Zero Moment of Truth scores (ZMOT)
  • Showing the reverse ROI
  • The diet analogy
  • The contrast technique
  • The ROI of your mother technique
  • The definition technique

  • Where we can find Andrew's resources online
  • Plus! The PS Question! Listen right to the end as Andrew shares an amazing answer to our favourite question!