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Hi Guys, welcome to the 6th session of the Content Champion Podcast. This time I’m thrilled to be joined by Corbett Barr, founder of Fizzle and expert on how to build a thriving and profitable online audience.

Corbett Barr of Fizzle

Corbett BarrWe had a fascinating chat, and Corbett covered a lot of ground, including:

  • Why you must always push the boundaries with your blogging
  • Why you must always write for a specific target audience
  • Why it’s important to promote even your best content
  • How SEO happens naturally if you focus on producing epic content
  • How to write inspiring content in virtually any niche
  • How epic content can transform your business
  • Do you or don’t you need a personal brand to succeed online?
  • How a great web design helps your online presence
  • What you must do before even starting your blog
  • Why you should always write for people, not search engines
  • What the future holds for blogging and content marketing

Plus! The PS Question! Corbett gives us a great advanced blogging strategy you won’t want to miss!

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