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In show 51 of the Content Champion podcast, I'm delighted to be talking with Will Hoekenga, the experienced professional copywriter behind Copygrad - one of my favourite writing blogs and amongst the top resources of its type online. Will has developed a 'copy hierarchy of needs' to ensure our copywriting always meets our prospects' requirements - and we discuss his unique approach in this fascinating half-hour episode.

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Will Hoekenga is one of those writers you're always pleased to hear from when their latest email drops into your inbox. His copy is consistently intelligent, engaging and entertaining - and when you also consider he cut his teeth on the Leadpages marketing team - you'll know why I was so excited to be able to 'pick his brain' on my latest show.

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To help non copywriters create more needs-focused copy, Will has developed a simple five point framework we can all use to create more engagement and drive better results with our copywriting.

So for half an hour during this episode, we discuss how he came up with the idea, what these specific five stages are - and how this whole framework can help us.

Will was very generous with his time for this call, and I guarantee that what he has to say will change the way you look at and create your copy in future.

The Copy Hierarchy of Needs: Ensuring Your #Copywriting Meets Your Prospects’ Requirements With Will Hoekenga 

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Copy Hierarchy of Needs

The Copy Hierarchy of Needs

Show Notes

In this fascinating 30-minute show we cover:

  • How Will got into copywriting & marketing
  • Will's time on the Leadpages marketing team & what he learned
  • What a hierarchy of needs is and why we need one for copywriting
  • The 5 stages of the copy hierarchy of needs;
  • Readability requirements
  • Formatting issues
  • Action critical information
  • Emotional engagement
  • Creating a sense of belonging
  • Why this framework is important and how we can use it
  • Where we can access Will's content & other frameworks online
  • Plus! The PS Question! Will shares an advanced content marketing tactic that I bet you aren't taking advantage of at the moment!

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I hope you enjoyed this episode. Will was a great guest and if you follow his 5 point framework for all your copywriting in future, I'm confident you'll get much more engagement and encourage more action from your readers.

Give the 'Copy Hierarchy of Needs' a try and let me know how you get on in the comments below...