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Welcome to the show. In this episode I’m discussing content marketing with WordPress (for beginners), with Internet Marketing expert Andy Cabasso of OffSprout. (To get a 25% discount use code ‘Champion’ at checkout).

content marketing with wordpress

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Andy’s Backstory

Years ago I was in law school, realising that I didn’t want to be a lawyer – and a buddy of mine was freelancing and looking for his next project, and looking into building a business. We had been talking about this and I was applying to jobs that I didn’t want to get – and I was noticing that most of the law firms that I was reaching out to, if they had a website, they were terrible.

So we talked about building websites and starting a business around that. Together we started this company called JurisPage that was an agency focusing specifically on the niche of law firms. And that ended up becoming incredibly successful, largely thanks to our content marketing.

Having that legal background and a focus on the legal niche helped us build the brand around that. So we built a ton of content focusing on this audience – and we grew tremendously. Within three years we got acquired by another larger company in the legal industry.

Since that acquisition, we’ve been focusing our time now on OffSprout, which is a white label website builder specifically for agencies. We has been looking for tools to make creating websites easier – and we decided to just build it ourselves.

Andy’s Questions

  • Before we dive into content marketing with WordPress for beginners, can you tell us your backstory please?
  • Tell us about your current business OffSprout?
  • WordPress now powers over 30% of the world’s websites, why is it such a successful CMS?
  • Why is WordPress so effective for content marketing in particular, especially for startups and small business owners (SEO, blogging, social media etc etc)?
  • Amongst some web designers there’s a certain snobbery about WordPress – why is this (loss of control creatively, hosting, security and updates issues etc)?
  • Despite there being 1000’s of out-of-the box themes for WordPress, designing a truly original site with it can be hard, can’t it?
  • Give us an introduction to WordPress page builders and what we can achieve with them?
  • What sets OffSprout apart from its competitors in the WordPress page builder industry?
  • What have you got planned for OffSprout in the next year?
  • Thanks for coming on the show, can you remind us where we can find you online?
  • The PS Question (subscribers only) – ​Andy gives a brilliant answer to my final question…

Featured Resources

OffSprout (To get a 25% discount use code ‘Champion’ at checkout).




WP Engine


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Key Show Quotes

The WordPress ecosystem is so vibrant. There are so many plugins you can get if you’re doing content marketing – everything from contact forms and lead magnets to different analytics and AB testing tools. So many people that are developing these kinds of plugins are doing it specifically for WordPress, because of the environment that has been fostered around it. If you’re building a site and you’re looking to figure out how to do content marketing better, then WordPress is the platform I’d recommend.

WordPress websites run on themes to control how they look, but these can be a bit restricting in terms of design. With page builders such as OffSprout, instead of working with an existing theme you can use a drag and drop builder that gives you the ability to create your own site-wide theme from scratch. And then on every page when you want to add content elements in a certain area, you can just choose from your list of elements and drag and drop where you want everything to go. That makes it easier and saves you time – and you don’t need to know how to code in CSS, HTML or PHP.

OffSprout offers complete white label branding so it can look like your own agency’s platform. So when the client logs in on the admin page, they see your agency’s logo and all your information. It’s very much in tune with your agency’s branding, so it adds real value in the client’s mind.

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