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In episode 63 of the Content Champion podcast, it's my pleasure to host award-winning journalist Christian Toto on the show, to discuss content marketing for news focused websites and the unique challenges that this presents.

Christian is the founder of Hollywood in Toto (HiT), a discerning and high quality film review and interviews site that looks at Tinsel Town and the movie industry from a conservative perspective. During the show, we look at how Christian manages HiT to make the most of both news worthy and evergreen content. Let's dive in...

Content marketing for news websites

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Christian's Backstory

Having started his career as a print journalist - for which he won several awards - Christian began to see that the newspaper industry would be in trouble unless it started to embrace new content marketing models of publication and monetization - which it didn't necessarily have to do by appealing to a tabloid based readership.

With industry-leading movie reviewing expertise under his belt, and acknowledging that content marketing was to play an important role in his future, Christian decided to branch out on his own - starting the Hollywood in Toto website with the aim of providing high quality journalistic writing, meaty film reviews and no fluff interviews.

Christian Toto

Being first and foremost a writer and journalist, Christian found the transition from traditional print media to its digital counterpart presented certain unique challenges - challenges which he has adapted to and overcome as HiT has become increasingly successful under his management.

In this episode, Christian shares his fascinating journey with us - and gives some valuable advice on how to create and promote content for news focused websites, and how to build your own distinctive brand while still competing with the larger news-based publishers online.

[Podcast] Content Marketing For News Websites With Christian Toto

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Show Notes

In this quickfire 30-minute episode we discuss :

  • Christian's career history and how he got started in journalism
    & content marketing
  • What unique content marketing challenges we face when running news websites
  • How news websites can make effective use of on-page content & SEO
  • The importance of newsjacking and agile content marketing
  • How to blend newsworthy stories with more evergreen content
  • Do we need to embrace 'clickbait' style headlines to be successful?
  • How to promote websites that focus on news based content
  • Why we don't need to follow a high frequency Buzzfeed style business model to succeed with news based sites
  • Where we can find Christian's work online
  • Plus! The PS Question! Christian shares some great Twitter advice you won't want to miss!