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I’m thrilled my guest on show 39 of the Content Champion podcast is Mark Schaefer, the globally renowned marketing and business consultant, best selling author, educator and speaker.

Mark Schaefer Podcast
It was a pleasure to have Mark Schaefer as my guest on the show

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In 2014, Mark coined the term ‘content shock’ to describe the saturation point in content production that was being reached as content marketing grew in popularity.

His article on the subject caused a fair few waves across the marketing community – because everyone knew he was right. Marketers were becoming genuinely worried about getting their messages heard through the deluge of online content pumped out everyday.

One year on, Mark has revisited the theme – and this time he’s come up with a solution to content shock, called ‘content ignition’ – and his take on this is something every marketer should hear.

With a book on the subject coming out soon – entitled ‘The Content Code’ – Mark took the time to outline his ‘antidote to content shock’ in this fascinating half hour show.

Our discussion covered the following subjects:

  • Mark’s backstory and how he got started in the industry
  • The definition of content shock and how it applies to content marketing
  • Whether content marketing still works – or has it already peaked?
  • An introduction to content ignition and how it can make your content marketing more successful
  • Practical ways to ignite our content from Mark’s new book
  • The importance of trust in content marketing
  • What will happen to businesses that don’t take this approach onboard
  • The trends Mark sees developing in content marketing this year
  • Where we can find mark online, listen to his podcast, read his blog and buy his books

Plus! The PS Question! You won’t want to miss Mark’s advanced content marketing strategy, so make sure you listen right to the end!

Resources mentioned in this show:

Mark Schaefer
Mark Schaefer on stage

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