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It's fair to say Matt Wolfe of Multiply Authority excels in all areas of running his content based business. An experienced online marketer, entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, podcaster and blogger - not to mention product builder, content marketer and teacher - this is definitely a man of many talents. So I was delighted when he agreed to be my guest on the show.

Content Business Machine

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Matt's Backstory

Matt's main goal has always been to earn a sustainable income selling information online. In his early days, he taught himself how to make websites and also started a couple of blogs about health, finance and gardening. When they gained popularity and traffic, he started selling ad space and quickly began earning money.

Since all this meant he'd effectively become an expert in web development, WordPress, blogging, branding and marketing, Matt decided he wanted to share his knowledge with others - so he started creating online training courses and tutorials.

His first course, The WordPress Classroom, launched in 2009 and grew rapidly - so much so that he later merged with another similar site, Free Blog Factory. The result of that merger was - now a million dollar business. Matt sold his share to his business partner in 2015 and then made the decision to get back to his roots and start blogging and podcasting again.

Multiply Authority

Matt Wolfe

Matt's current main online business, Multiply Authority, is the sum of everything he’s done up until now. It is an all-encompassing platform where he talks about everything from building a brand to becoming an authority figure in the market place.

With his accompanying Authority Insider podcast, he aims to share his extensive knowledge and give listeners access to the large network of marketers he's met through all kinds of seminars and interviews.

He is also the creator of the 'Content Business Machine' training course that we discuss in this episode - where he shares how to build an entire online brand and business using agile content marketing techniques. It's a model that's proven to work and that everyone can follow - and once I'd joined the training and looked under the hood, it was actually so good I was gutted I hadn't got there first 🙂

Running a content business machine means operating an entire business built around content - attracting people to your brand using content, selling them your product using content; and where the product you’re actually selling can also be content itself.

Amongst many other aspects of business building and content marketing, the course covers quickfire ways of creating high quality content - and leveraging other people’s existing content to your own benefit. And Matt teaches us about the great variety of content based products we can offer our audience too – including one off courses, memberships, continuity programmes and high ticket opportunities - so everyone can find something that suits them in the 'Content Business Machine' training.

In our podcast together, Matt expands on these subjects and explains the foundation techniques behind starting your online content based business. He discusses how to pick a great niche, shares tips on how to sell through content - and how to quickly create the types of high quality content that leave people wanting more. Matt also shares his social media and email-based traffic strategies - and highlights the importance of personal branding.

Matt is undoubtedly an expert in his field and a delight to chat to - and with his in-depth marketing knowledge shared through his podcasts, blogs and courses, he's already helped a lot of people start and run a successful content based business. I invite you to take the first steps of this journey yourself, by listening to this information-packed edition of the Content Champion podcast...

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Show Notes

  • Matt’s backstory – how he became a successful entrepreneur
  • The history of Multiply Authority
  • What is a Content Business Machine?
  • The importance of picking a specific, high demand niche
  • The big three niche categories you can always make a success of
  • Why it's a great idea to have a mentor
  • How to sell through content
  • Selling products through live training webinars
  • How to quickly create high quality content
  • Where to source high quality content writers
  • How to leave people wanting more with your content
  • Techniques and tools for getting people on your email list
  • How often should you mail your list?
  • The benefits of using content upgrades
  • Strategies for getting more traffic
  • The importance of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in branding
  • Growing your audience by retargeting on Facebook
  • The importance of being seen everywhere online
  • How to create a personal brand
Plus! The PS Question! Matt shares two advanced content marketing techniques that are worth the price of admission alone!