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​​Welcome back to the SEO Essentials Series of the Content Champion Podcast. In this episode, I'm ​discussing canonicalization with highly experienced SEO, Tom Peary. Yes we know, don't let your eyes glaze over quite yet - as getting this right could save your organic traffic.

Tom ​is the Head of ​SEO here at Content Champion, and ​also specialises in optimizing Google Shopping feeds. Between the two of us, ​we have over 30 years' experience in the content marketing and SEO industries.

Tom joins me today to explain what canonicalization is and why it’s ​an essential ​part of your SEO strategy. He ​​also tell us how using canonical tags can help boost your search engine ranking, and explains ​how to fix and prevent canonical errors.


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Show Notes

  • What are canonical tags and canonicalized URLs?

  • How ​using canonicalization tags can help improve your website ranking

  • How to identify canonical problems on your website

  • How to prevent canonicalization problems

  • Using htaccess commands and ​301 redirects to resolve canonical website issues

  • How long does it take to reap the benefits of correcting canonical errors?

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