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​Welcome to show number 29 of the Content Champion podcast, thanks as ever for listening. This time, I'm delighted to be chatting about brand storytelling with Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy at content marketing software firm NewsCred.

Brand storytelling

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Show Notes

Michael has over twenty years’ experience in sales, marketing and leadership roles, and it was his recent posts on the ‘content marketing imperative’ and ‘betting his future career on content marketing’ that really caught my attention.

Michael believes that if your business doesn’t start using inbound and content marketing techniques sooner rather than later – you’ll simply get left behind using archaic interruption marketing and outsourced advertising methods that have an inferior ROI.

We discuss these issues in this fascinating podcast, as well as some wider industry themes, and also consider how the NewsCred content marketing platform can help.

Content marketing imperative
The Content Marketing Imperative

Subjects Covered Include:

  • Michael’s own backstory, leading to his role today at NewsCred
  • What the content marketing imperative is and why he bet his future career on it
  • What’s wrong with traditional methods of marketing
  • Why you need to become a brand storyteller and publisher
  • What types of content best communicate these stories to our customers
  • How to promote your content for the best results
  • How to drive action and how Michael uses calls to action
  • The myth that content marketing is only for big brands
  • Why content marketing can work in all industry sectors
  • How to measure the ROI of your content marketing efforts (Michael’s 3 step answer here is gold dust!)
  • How long we should keep going with our content marketing before seeing results
  • Michael’s advice on the ‘how often should we post’ conundrum
  • How NewsCred can assist with our content marketing campaigns
  • The future of content marketing: what will happen to businesses that don’t embrace it
  • Details of Michael’s personal blog and Twitter account so we can ask him anything we like

Video: Michael Explains The Content Marketing Imperative

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