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In this episode it’s my pleasure to be discussing the boutique agency business model with experienced marketer and lead generation expert, Dan Englander of Sales Schema.

how to grow a boutique agency

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Dan’s Backstory

I started out here in New York about a decade ago working on accounts for an agency that was focusing on big consumer accounts. I worked on Monster Cable back when they used to make Beats by Dre, and I would just come up with pitches all day, and do strategy, account services and social media stuff.

Then I wanted to do something new, so I fell into a startup role for a creative services shop and we were selling into the big enterprises – and I was kind of in this accidental sales role. So we were getting most of our business through Adwords and through inbound. And then we had to start doing outbound because the market got so flooded that I had to learn how to do sales without realising I was in the sales role.

So I got some great training and had the fortunate luck of getting to practise on thousands and thousands of calls and meetings over the course of a few years. And I sort of figured out how to scrape together an ideal sales team when you’re strained for resources in an agency situation. We made it work very well – and it obviously wasn’t just me – but I was a big part of getting them from zero to seven figures.

Dan’s Questions

  • Before we dive into how to grow a boutique agency, can you tell us your back story please?
  • Tell us about your business Sales Schema?
  • What’s the new era of the boutique agency?
  • What’s wrong with the traditional agency model – and what does a stagnant agency look like?
  • What does a highly effective agency look like?
  • Can you give us some action steps on how we can transform our agency to make it more successful?
  • How does your methodology at Sales Schema help agencies generate more leads and business?
  • Thanks for coming on the show, can you remind us where we can find you online?
  • The PS Question (subscribers only) – ​Dan shares a great answer to my final question…

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Key Show Quotes

There’s more and more agencies that are doing better by niching down and focusing on key areas – and doing specific sets or bundles of services for a specific type of business. So that’s where I think the new era of the boutique agency is – a setup where if you’re a brand and you’re a COO thinking about what’s the least amount of risk, the boutique agency model gets the best results.

The biggest problem with the traditional agency model is first and foremost a lack of positioning, lack of focus – and a lack of pro-activeness or reactivity. So we see agencies that have survived on referrals in their personal networks for so long, that they’re expecting that to continue and sustain them – but it’s not really going to anymore.

The foundation of a successful boutique agency is figuring out who’s going to be doing what – what they’re going to be accountable for, and what sort of KPIs they’re accountable for.

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