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Creating a list of the best podcasts to learn digital and content marketing is actually quite difficult - simply because there are so many good ones.

We listen to loads of great shows at Content Champion, and in the last few years the sheer number and quality of the podcasts available has increased massively (not just in the marketing sector).

That's why it took longer than we anticipated to create this list of our current favourites - and equally why this list could change as we discover new marketing shows we love.

So here is our latest collection of the best marketing podcasts for you to enjoy - let us know if we've missed out your personal picks in the comments below. You may also like our podcasting resources article if you're thinking of starting your own show...

Marketing School

Marketing experts Neil Patel and Eric Siu host a daily podcast at Marketing School. They’re almost up to a thousand episodes, so as you can imagine, that’s quite a library. It’s made up of all sorts of marketing tips, and it’s super-easy to search. Their snackable nuggets of wisdom are generally about six minutes long, so there’s no excuse not to tune in every day.

Digital Marketer

Perpetual Traffic from Digital Marketer is an excellent weekly podcast on growing your business with online marketing. Hosts Ralph Burns and Molly Pittman combine their own presentations with expert interviews. Each show comes with a full transcript for easy reference, as well as a summary of the key takeaways and a list of links. At around half an hour long, these are great coffee-break podcasts.

Smart Passive Income

This weekly podcast from Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income features fascinating regular guests, keeping things lively and engaging. The topics vary, and expand beyond the usual digital marketing advice to more general business discussions. Transcripts, links and a bullet point summary helps you remember Pat’s wise words.

Entrepreneurs On Fire

John Lee Dumas (JLD) set up his Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast to encourage others to make the step he did, and go for the lifestyle approach to work. In his own enthusiastic and energetic style, JLD interviews a great range of inspirational entrepreneurs. Plug into the Fire Nation podcast for half an hour, and learn how to live your best life.

The Girls Mean Business

Aimed at women in business (although most topics are pretty universal), The Girls Mean Business website has a wide range of marketing podcasts hosted by British entrepreneur Claire Mitchell. There are over 200 archived podcasts, and they’re mostly short, 10-minute snippets. There hasn’t been an update for a bit, but most of the content is evergreen.

best marketing podcasts

Evergreen Profits

Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier at Evergreen Profits host the Hustle And Flowchart podcast, which has always been one of my favourite shows. They feature some fantastic guests on this regular podcast, and combine how-to guides with life stories and broader business advice. There’s a lot of accompanying info - and with some podcasts coming in at an hour plus, you’ll need to make time to listen to this one. You'll be happy you did though, as I learn something new from every episode.

Content Marketing Institute

There are three separate podcast series by the Content Marketing Institute. The Weekly Wrap is a fifteen-minute look back at the week, hosted by CMI’s Robert Rose. The two other podcasts are from the archive. This Old Marketing ran from 2013, and is hosted by the CMI founders, who have a fabulous rapport (and of course, a wealth of knowledge). The Content Inc podcast comprises ten-minute marketing takeaways from co-founder Joe Pulizzi.

Brandon Gaille

Aimed at aspiring bloggers, Brandon Gaille promises to share his tips on how to reach a million monthly visitors in his Blog Millionaire podcast. These are “ten-minutes of actionable advice” with an emphasis on clarity and cutting through filler. Brandon's presenting style is really easy to follow, and he has a knack of breaking down complex information into easily digestible bite-sized chunks.

Marketing Over Coffee

The Marketing Over Coffee podcast is actually recorded - well - over coffee. John Wall and Christopher Penn meet every Wednesday morning in a coffee house near Boston, and discuss a range of marketing topics, sometimes with guests. The podcasts are around twenty to thirty minutes, and have a genuine, chatty feel.

Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker founders Gael and Mark run a superb regular podcast. Their focus is on providing actionable advice through real-world examples. Their informative shows last around an hour, but are worth the commitment for their clarity and practical approach. Their CrossFit interview, for example, is a great insight into the journey of how a big brand can grow from modest beginnings. Always well worth a listen.

content marketing podcasts

The Content Marketing Academy

The CMA’s podcast provides regular, how-to talks on specific content marketing subjects. The CMA see themselves as teachers rather than a digital agency, and their podcasts have this helpful, didactic approach. Most are short, and Chris Marr is admirably to the point. The same topics appear in the CMA’s blogs, which link to these great audio sessions.

Amy Porterfield

The Marketing Made Easy Podcast by Amy Porterfield aims to provide both inspiration and practical tips. Amy covers a range of marketing topics and is genuinely enthusiastic about her subject. There’s a lot of written information to go alongside each podcast, which is great if you want to study her content in more detail. Standout shows include her interview with Rachel Hollis, which is a real feelgood and enjoyable listen.

CopyBlogger FM

CopyBlogger FM is a weekly dose of wise content marketing advice from content specialist Sonia Simone. Each week, she and her expert guests analyse what’s been going on in the world of content. The subject is more targeted than many marketing shows, focusing on the writing side of things. At around fifteen minutes, these are good coffee-break podcasts, and there are helpful notes with each broadcast.


The weekly YouPreneur podcast is the place to go if you want to think big and grow your business online. The type of topics covered include personal branding, business growth and planning - with each show hosted by British business mentor and author Chris Ducker (and a cast of expert guests). There’s a good summary and a list of resources with each podcast, and look out for takeaways from the speakers at YouPreneur's annual London conference too.


Buffer’s podcast, The Science of Social Learning, is set out on a lovely, calm webpage, with nice images and easy to follow links (see how important first impressions are?). These superbly informative podcasts are weekly, and generally quite short at under fifteen minutes – so it’s not a big commitment to catch the Buffer team's clear and practical tips. This is a must listen if you're interested in using social media marketing to grow your business.

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