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​Welcome to another episode ​in the SEO Essentials series of the Content Champion podcast, where ​we ​discuss the foundational aspects of SEO ​you need to get right before ​rolling out a successful SEO campaign - or employing an agency. 

This time I'm joined again by our Head of SEO, Tom Peary, to ​look into the subject of backlink auditing​ - how ​we assess ​a backlink profile and ​the tools we use to achieve this. Let's dive in...

backlink audits

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Show Notes

  • How to use Google webmaster tools

  • How you can get a manual link penalty

  • What over-optimization means and why it is bad for SEO

  • The first thing to look for in a link profile

  • What makes a link bad

  • What link contextuality is

  • How to submit a disavow file through Google Webmaster Console

  • When and why you should disavow links

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